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The Study of All-ceramic treatment

  • "With the help of CSA I have been able to optimize my methods of treatment. I can now recognize possible risks and causes of failure in the surgery. Thanks to CSA I now feel more confident about my therapeutic decisions. CSA has become an essential instrument for me. One which I cannot imagine doing without."

    Dr. Eckart Schmidt, Karlsruhe

    It's a good feeling to know what you are doing, how you are doing it and what results your actions have.1

  • You tell us what you do,2

  • and how you do it,3

  • we compare your methods with those of your colleagues4

  • you give us your re-examination results5

  • we compare your clinical success rate with that of your colleagues6

  • based on statistics you can see your strengths and optimize your potential.7

All interested dentists can register to our study using the link "registration"
After registering you will receive further information on taking part in this study in your own surgery and the necessary entry codes for inputting data.

Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Keramik in der Zahnheilkunde e.V